Workshops by LightLife

Workshops by LightLife

Most commonly, you might know us in connection with the implementation of many inspiring installations. Alternatively, you have heard of us as a wholesaler for technical products in the area of stage technology and architecture.

These various activities have the advantage for you that you can either instruct us with the realization of a project, without having to bother about technical details, or you can order luminaires, LED circuit boards or similar items at our webshop.
Referring to this, you can rely on us that we only sell those products which we have tested before and thus offer a high quality an a long-life cycle.

Why workshops? Based on the on-going technical development offering workshops is becoming more essential in order to keep up with the latest innovations. Increasingly, electrical designers have to deal with control signals, such as the DMX512, which communicate with existing EIB installations via Ethernet. Hence, this only seems half as complicated as it is, but we spend much time explaining the specifications of our products on the phone.

For architects it is beneficial having a detailed look at the opportunities offered by new technologies because the highly praised LED technology is not always the most inventive solution for a project.

First of all, get inspired and motivated to attend one of our workshops in order to gain useful knowledge for your projects.

Here is a brief explanation of our workshops:

  • Workshop for architects, planning engineers and designers, APD
    One-day workshop introducing fundamental principles of the DMX512. In order to implement your own ideas this workshop will provide you with essential basic knowledge about simple lighting controls up to a freely programmable touch-display.
    Current dates
  • Workshop for lighting designers, light engineers and electricians, LLE
    In addition to the APD training module, this two-days workshop includes one training day for practical skills.
    Current dates
  • Workshop for system partners, LLSP
    This four-days intensive training is addressed either to participants who already actively deal with LED products and lighting controls which are not self-explanatory, or who, in addition, want to do business in this field of activity.
    Additionally, to the gain of technical knowledge (including training module LLE), you become qualified as a LightLife system partner within four days.
    Note: Should you already be familiar with the content of the training module LLE, you have the opportunity to become qualified as a LightLife system partner within two days.
    Current dates

Please, take a look into our training brochure for further information.

Download our training brochure, here: LightLife Schulungsbroschüre (German)

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